Friday, March 26, 2010

Reaching {Out} to the Community: Ministering Outside of the 4 Walls

As I sit here typing this entry, I am propping my eyelids open with some twigs (LOL). Not really... But I have been working off of less than 5 hours of sleep and loads of positive energy! Simply put, my spirit is just overwhelmed with joy and excitement.


Because tomorrow, my church is hosting it's first outreach for 2010 and I am excited about all that God has done and all that He is doing.

The general itinerary for NBM Outreach is as follows:

  • Opening and Welcome

  • Prayer

  • Praise Dance

  • Rap

  • Step

  • Praise Dance

  • Play, “Once My World Ended, My Life Began”

  • Altar Call

  • Closing Remarks

  • Benediction

  • Lunch Will Be Served
The reason that I said that it was a general itinerary is that we will defeinitely allow time for the Holy Spirit to move as He pleases to minister to the people. If you read the program carefully, you will notice that there is not a quote "sermon." Instead, the Holy Spirit promoted our pastor to task us with the challenge of writing and creating a skit that will address issues with teenage suicide, premarital sex, single parenting, child molestation, poor grades in school, low self esteem, insecuirty, rejection, poverty, gossip, back-biting, lies, slander, sexually transmitted diseases, and all of many issues that teens face on a daily basis.

It is my belief that this play will minister to the children and parents alike. Not only will it minister to them, but it will allow them to identify with the various scenerios within the skit and to find solutions to their problems by choosing to end their world (way of living and thinking) and to begin their lives for Christ.

So as we break out our of four walls to "reach" out to the community; please pray for God's peace, purpose and power to manifest in our lives and the lives of those connected to us...

God Bless!