Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Visuality Events: A Fabulous 33rd Birthday Bash

I think that this is the last of the birthday parties that I will be featuring...for now! It thrills me to share with you this birthday celebration that proclaimed fun and fabulousity...

I did not take a picture of the invites; but they were absolutely fab! Kimora Lee Simmons reality television show, "Life in the Fab Lane," and her fragrance "Fabulosity" both served as the driving force of inspiration for this clients birthday theme, "The Fabuluos Life of *Annie*." (*name changed to protect to innocent, lol)

This party was also held at George’s Steak Pit, a locally owned fine dining steak house, that was founded in the mid 1950’s by George and Vangie Vafinis.

The tablescape was opulent. I drew from the gold colors of the perfume advertisements and added rhinestones and lots of candlelight to achieve the overall look and appeal that we had envisioned.

I also added rhinestones to the gold chargers to carry out the theme throughout the tablescape. Just like Kimora, this client likes everything over the top... She could *never* get enough bling...

Each guest received two favors. One was a beautiful basket, seen below, that contained an assortment of chocolate treats and the other was a small cellophane package that contained two chocolate covered strawberries that read "Thank You."

The cake was really, really cute and I heard that tasted even better than it looked.

Overall, this party was a success. All the glitter, the glitz and the glamour made for a very enjoyable and memorable celebration.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Visuality Events: Kylin's King of the Jungle Baby Shower

In May of 2009, I planned a Jungle themed baby shower so for this shower I was able to incorporate many of the same ideas; especially the centerpieces. You can read the full recap of last year's shower here.

With that in mind, I began to work on projects that would enable me to pair new concepts and ideas along with the pre-existing ones.
For a different take on the centerpieces, I replaced the glass mirrors with bamboo place mats.

I also embellished the wooden frame from the Dollar Tree. It tied in with the theme as well as enhanced the gift table.

Lastly, I made a DIAPER CAKE! You read it right... For the first time in my life I created a DIAPER CAKE! I was very pleased with my trial run, but for future ones I would ensure that the diapers are all white and I would use a thicker ribbon...

Using ideas from a precious event and improving them; made planning this event somewhat challenging. I had to channel my creativity in ways in which I probably never would have thought to do had I not been presented with this opportunity...

The most important lesson that I have learned from this experience is that creativity is recyclable. Use it and reuse it... that's how you progress from goodness to greatness!

Up next, a fabuluos 33rd birthday party!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Visuality Events: Sex in the City Themed 30th Birthday Party

Planning a Sex-in-the-City Themed birthday party was extremely challenging for me. Why?
  1. I never really watched Sex-in-the-City television show.
  2. I am not all that familiar with the characters or the plot of the show, but I must admit I loved their fashion.

  3. I never watched Sex in the City I...

  4. Therefore, I had no plans in watching Sex in the City II...

Now do you understand why it was so hard for me to plan this party? LOL! I actually had to do research...but in the end it really payed off. The Birthday girl was very pleased with the party and that makes for a very happy me :)!

Let's recap...

First off the invites....

I used paper from the Martha Stewart eyelet line and embellished them with some old scrapbooking stickers that I had in my stash for over 3 or so years...

Next up the centerpieces..

Because of the limited space; I went with small items that would make a big impact... I purchased the round vases from the Dollar Tree. They were filled with the same crystals that were hanging from the candlelit black iron centerpieces and I placed a large Gerber daisy on top. I loved the way that they turned out!

My favorite piece of the night... the birthday cake!!!

I absolutely loved it! Have I said this before? Yep! LOL!

After dinner, the girls headed Chili's to grab a Cosmo before catching Sex in the City II.

I, on the other hand, loaded my car and headed home. This party was my 3rd and final event for the day...

Up next, a baby shower fit for a King....of the Jungle that is!

Friday, July 9, 2010

Visuality Events: Mecossia's Foxy and Forty Birthday Bash

Okay, I am really playing catch-up here! LOL! If you can remember....I announced....ok subtly announced... that I launched a small event planning business called Visuality Events and Designs.

It simply amazes me when I think about the gifts and the talents that God has placed on the inside of us. It is hard for me to believe sometimes that up until two years ago; I had never, ever planned an event or had any desire for event planning. And now I have been bringing joy and happiness to the faces of many men, women and children through taking their {vision} for their special event and making it their {reality}.

So today I am sharing with you the images from Mecossia's Foxy and Forty Birthday Party. I thoroughly enjoyed planning this event. In alignment with the {Foxy} aspect of the theme; I decided to go with the oh-so-chic pink and zebra print. It was so appropriate for this occasion! I hope that you enjoy the images.

You're invited! Here are the invitations were sent to her guest. I found these at TJ Maxx on clearence! I believe that they are from the Martha Stewart wedding invitation line. I loved them and they really set the atomsphere for this {foxy} birthday bash!

Her party was held George’s Steak Pit, a locally owned fine dining steak house, that was founded in the mid 1950’s by George and Vangie Vafinis.

We placed a sign outside the restaurant to welcome our birthday girl. I can't take credit for this, her wonderful husband Casey created and executed this wonderful idea.

Now on to the tablescape... I went really simple and sophisticated her and used black vases with all pink rose arrangements. I think that they turned out splendid! I really need to hire a professional photographer or become better at capturing the beauty of every element of the event. But I digress... One thing that I did not capture was the beautiful array of candles and the different shades of rose petals that graced the table. It was simply stunning!

Next are the thank you cards, that matched the sign and the birthday banner... all compliments of her cre8tive hubby. I propped these against the water glasses on the table. They had a great effect and I was sure that the guess would not overlook them there! Lol!

And last but not least, the birthday cake! It was A.M.A.Z.I.N.G.!!!! The Victorian Tea Room was responsible for this beautiful creation.

So there you have it! A Foxy and Forty Birthday Bash that was comprised of elegance, fun and class! Who says that you can't have it all?

And that's wrap....this event has been {Visualized} by Visuality!

Up next, a Sex in the City themed 30th birthday celebration...

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

My Version of a Sarong... It's a Wrap

On the 4th of July I put on my sarong and attempted to take several pictures of me in it (displaying the different styles), but Mr. Falsetto grew a little antsy after the second photo shoot (boo)!
However, on a good note, after watching youtube I was able tie my sarong in at least seven styles that I would definitely wear on vacation or in everday day life.

Here is my first take... The halter neck....

I wanted to add the belt, but I could not find the one that I wanted to use right away.... Maybe I will get to do a Part II really soon :).
Here is the second take... The one shoulder......

I really loved this one... I mean really... but the dress made me look a lot bigger than I am! That's wear the belt would have been handy! LOL!
Overall the sarong was extremely comfortable and is known all around the world as a staple of the wardrobe. {I guess I am a little late getting in on this one.. LOL!}

Here are two great ways to wear what is essentially nothing, but a large piece of fabric. The best part of it is that when travleing it will take up very little room in your suitcase. Take a few sarongs and you won't even need clothes! If you are like me you can use the extra room to bring even more shoes, hand bags and jewelry!

Saturday, July 3, 2010

It's a Wrap

A good friend of mine went on a cruise to celebrate her 25th wedding anniversary and brought me back a beautiful sarong as a souvenir!

I absolutely loved it! Here are a few ways that I may consider wearing it...
Look #1- I like this one.... It is very simple and looks like an easy tie to duplicate... I think that this look paired with some cute sandals would be ideal for an outdoor event.
Look #2- This version in the right pattern/fabric can be worn almost anywhere... The belt just adds so much class to it! The only change that I would make would be to add a pair of 4 1/2 inch stilettos :~)!
Look #3- My absolute favo! Nuf said!
I think that I will mosey on over to youtube and see how I can recreate this looks...
Until next time!