Monday, November 30, 2009

Thanksgiving Cupcake Stand

I created this a while back for a harvest themed party; but I did not get the opportunity to post it. As fate would have it; I was able to reuse it at a company Thanksgiving dinner. It was fairly easy to make and relatively inexpensive.


  • 1 large square cardboard box (free)

  • 1 medium square cardboard box (free)
  • 1 yard of brown fabric ($1.00/yard at Wal-Mart)

  • 1/2 yard of orange fabric ($1.99/yard at Wal-Mart)

  • 1 roll of brown and white striped ribbon ($3.99/ at Hobby Lobby)

  • 3 floral fall picks ($1/each at Dollar Tree)

  • Glue Gun

  • Glue Sticks

  • Toothpicks

  • Fall Leaves ($1/per pack at Dollar tree)

This can be re-created for almost any event. If you have question please feel free to leave me a comment and I will be more than happy to assist you.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Creating a Prettier Christmas Tree

I am so engrossed with all things Christmas related that I am spending every free moment that I get surfing the net for ideas to spruce up my space for the holidays. Today I came across these tips on on how to create a prettier Christmas tree. So go and grab and cold glass of milk and some freshly baked chocolate chip cookies and I will be here when you get back...

Got it..... Great! Now sit back and clear your mind so that you are able to tap into the tips provided and imagine all the different ways to deck your halls...

Tip #1: Think Overscale
Our first
tree illustrates a technique that most home decorators miss: using overscaled ornaments. The large silver balls and stars have a huge impact. Though oversized decorations may cost a bit more, you won't need many (about a dozen for an average size tree), and the effect will be stunning.

Tip #2: Stick with a Theme
A large white butterfly gives a clue to the leafy garden theme of this tree. Green dragonflies and a selection of artificial
leaf sprays add to the theme that's further enhanced with green ornaments and glittered netting. Even the tree skirt was embellished with floral sprays.

Tip #3: Glam It Up
Crystals add sparkle and shine to any
tree. Because they are see-through, however, you'll want to place them near lights and mix them in with more colorful items.

Tip #4: Fill in with Floral Sprays
Fill gaps between branches with floral filler such as silk flower sprays,
leaf bunches, or a DIY nosegay as shown here. We used a base of artificial leaves, a floral pick of silver berries, and green ornaments, then wired and tied it with sheer ribbon. Plan to make at least 24 of these decorations for an 8-foot tree.

Tip #5: Remember to Repeat
Repeat one type of ornament so it creates a color, shape, or theme through a
tree. These red decorations help unite the other one-of-a-kind ornaments. We recommend buying two to four dozen of a main theme element (like these red balls). Various sizes, shapes, or finishes of such an element will add even more flair.

I hope that these tips were as helpful to you as they were/are to me. There are actually a total of 12 tips on the site, but I chose to only share a few. Do you have any other tips that you would like to share?

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Dreamin' of a Pink Christmas....

While searching the web for more inspiration for my pink and green theme; I came across the following images:

I love the originality and shades of pink and gold in this tree... Also take note of the beautifully wrapped gifts...


What about the continuation of the clock theme onto the stockings... Hmmm... What a nice idea... I think that I will be stashing this one in my BOI (Book of Inspirations).

The pink and green balls below make me smile.... I love them! These would probably look really good on a wreath. Note to self: find a tutorial on how to make a Christmas wreath... It can't be that bad right?

Okay... that's all for now... Excuse me while I swoon over Christmas decor and gift wrap. Are there any websites that you visit to swoon over hoilday images?

Monday, November 16, 2009

Let Me Give you the Run Down...


Where do we start? First of all let me say that I am elated to be back and I am sooo excited to share with you all the things that I have been up to since I have been on my blogging hiatus... There have been soo many new and exciting things going on in my life that I really do not know where to start...

How about a run down?
  • Lots and lots of scrapbooking... So much so that I have put up all of my supplies until the new year... Ooops! I forgot that little sister has to do a book for the debutante in January... I guess that I will take them back out for that... {insert sigh} After that it will be a very, very long time until I deal with any more pink and green paper!

  • Reading. I highly recommend Brand Me and Reordering Your Day. They changed my life and I am sure that they will do the same for you.

  • Decking the halls... Yeah, it's that time again... I think that I am going to use my pink and green tree once more this year and then I will begin shopping of cream and gold decor for next year.

  • Party Planning. Have a few parties coming up and I have to start working on a theme so that I can find my decor. I am really feeling the colors red, black and white right now..

  • Launching out. I am launching an event planning business with a close friend.

  • Focusing. I have been doing a lot of focusing and restructuring in my life. A lot of it brings me all the way back to the launching of this blog, Destiny Awakes. I have had some serious victories as far as my destiny and purpose goes, but I also have a lot of work to do in order to receive the full manifestation of what God has for my life. By focusing I have learned to be an "Eagle in the Chicken Business." (Title of my book that will be coming to you soon)

  • Cooking. Call me Mello-Garden. I have been trying several Olive Garden inspired recipes and they have turned out wonderfully. I have learned that when you are patient and passionate when you are cooking the dishes are always delectable! ( I really own an apron like this)!

  • Loving. I am learning to love and appreciate all that life has to offer. I just love my life and I love what God is doing in it!

  • Celebrating.... I am turning 30 this year and am not sure how I want to celebrate it! We will count down the days together and hopefully devise a plan as to how I can celebrate my life in a way that is creative, original, fun and reflective of me!

So, there you have it! A run down of what I have been doing over the past couple of months/weeks? What has been goin on in yours? Also, if you have any fun and creative ideas on how I can celebrate my 30th birthday please post them here. I would really appreciate it!Thanks!