Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Thankful Wednesday: Thankful to Be Free

I am so emotionally overwhelmed this morning as I reflect on the Ohio kidnapping. I thank God for the courage and strength of Amanda Berry! I thank God for sparing the lives of all these women! It really takes courage to break free from those things that bind you up, enslave you, imprison you, torment you, abuse you and hold you captive in fear for years and years! Today, I encourage each of you to examine your life and pinpoint those things that are preventing you from being all that God has proclaimed you to be! Freedom is a wonderful thing! As I reflect over my life and I think about all that things that once imprisoned me, enslaved me, tormented me, abused me and held me captive in fear...I too jump with joy proclaiming.... I am Free! I am Free! Thank you Jesus, that now I am truly Free to Be Me!

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