Monday, November 4, 2013

Why I Create

I was recently asked why I create... After giving it some thought... Here is my answer... This is a must read for all women... If you NEVER READ ANOTHER STATUS OF MINE... READ THIS... I PRAY THAT IT WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE AND PERSPECTIVE ON CREATIVITY.

All women are made to create something…. Some of us are crafty, some of us are artsy, some of us are sewers, some of us are designers, some of us are artists, some of us are entrepreneurs, some of us are cooks, some of us are stylists and some of us are fashionistas…. Whatever your gift may be it is one that coerces you to create.  Now the problem occurs when women don’t have a creative outlet….

When women do not have a creative outlet they are forced to create something {because we were made to create}.  We create drama, we create rumors, we create gossip, we create jealously {because we see other women doing what we don’t have the courage to do}, we create envy, we create deceit, we create backstabbing, we create bad relationships with men, we create hurt, we create pain, we create boredom, we create depression, we create anxiety, we create low self esteem, we create a lack of self worth, we create ways to self destruct and we create walls that are a wedge between us and our destiny and purpose because we refuse to create what we were created to create by the Creator!

Creativity can be a blessing or a curse… Positive or negative….A launching pad or an anchor…. I challenge  you today to tap into your creativity and cause all the confusion, catastrophes and calamities in your life to cease!!! 

Create something some positive and watch the Creator work in your life like never before…. Create something positive and watch the happiness, joy and fulfillment that will flood your life like never before.

And that is why I create….

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