Sunday, April 12, 2009

A Moment with Mello: The Seven Places that Jesus Shed His Blood have guessed it...This post is not about the normal {wedding and scrapbooking} related topics. Today, it is my most ardent desire to take a moment to dedicate a post to My Father. The bible says, "in all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths." {Proverbs 3:6} And this blog is no exception... So please join me as I share a very encouraging word that my pastor shared with us today....

The sermon was entitled Power in the Blood. Now, I will spare you from regurgitating the entire sermon, but I will however provide you will the {Cliff Notes} version. If this blesses you, I encourge you to carefully study these points and pray and ask God to reveal to you what it is that He wants you to understand about the power of the Blood of Jesus.....

The points are from notes that were taken during our Sunday Morning worship services, however I will also reference points that were brought forth by Jane Shelton in her article, "The Seven Places Jesus Shed His Blood Journey to the Cross."

The blood of Jesus is much more powerful than many of us recognize. It is the source of our
redemption and freedom. { To be redeemed means to recover ownership of by paying a specified sum} The price of redemption that had to be paid was the death of our Lord and his shed blood. The shedding of Jesus’ blood released us to be brought back to the original place; to life as it was in the Garden of Eden where every blessing was available to Adam and Eve {source: Jane Shelton}.

The places that Jesus shed his blood were as follows:
  1. Garden of Gethsemane- When He shedded his blood here it was for our Will.
    {Luke 22:43-44}
  2. The Stripes on His Back- When Jesus was scourged or whipped He received 39 stripes on his back for us to be healed. {Isaiah 53:5}
  3. Crown of Thorns- They placed a crown of thorns on His head and Jesus shed his blood to break the curse of poverty off our land. {Matthew 27:29}
  4. They Nailed his Hands- When the nails went through the hands of Jesus on the cross and the blood ran down, his blood redeemed our dominion and authority. { Genesis: 39:2-3}
  5. His Feet- When the spike went into the feet of Jesus, through his blood dominion and authority was taken back. {Deut. 11:24}
  6. His Side- The sixth place we have suffered loss is where the enemy came and broke our hearts. When the spear was thrust through Jesus’ side blood and water poured down. {Mark 15:34}
  7. He Was Bruised-The last place we have suffered lost is in our emotions; that part of us which is the inner man. Isaiah 53:5 says, “He was wounded for our transgression; he was bruised for our iniquities…” A bruise is bleeding on the inside. The Bible says that the sins of the father are visited to the third and fourth generation. That is called a generational curse. Many are suffering hurts on the inside from iniquities that our forefathers passed down to us. This results many times in inner hurts and bruises. Jesus was bruised so we could be healed from the inside out. Because of the blood we can be healed, physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

Thank you Jesus for the Blood!

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Royalene said...

Young have GREATLY blessed me this day! Thank you for posting these inspiring words to your blog. I stand with you that every reader will open their hearts to Jesus and allow His shed blood to cover every sin, every hurt they've ever known!
May God BLESS YOU as you continue to bless others!
P.S. I'm a writer, too. Should you ever have need of a writer/ghostwriter/consultant, you can email me at
Respectfully.........royalene doyle