Friday, July 24, 2009

Happy Birthday Diamond!!!

To My God Daughter on Her 1st Birthday

The day I was asked
if I would feel blessed
to accept responsibility
of a life time request.

My heart was overwhelmed
with a loving sensation,
and I accepted this query
without hesitation.

Of loving you unconditionally
and help guide you through life,
to show you the direction
of spiritual light.

To be your strength in hard times
and stand proud when you subdue,
the obstacles that life
decides to throw you.

And to you, my angel
I promise this.
Because without you,
as your godmother,
I couldn't exist.

© Rebecca L. Martell

I love you Diamond! You will shine brighter and brighter as the years go by. You are brilliant and your worth on the earth is greater than any semi-precious stone! Go forth... and because you are a {Diamond} you will always shine!

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