Saturday, August 22, 2009

Happy Birthday Asha!!!!

Happy Birthday to My Little Sister Asha

I don't know where to start, because I don't know when there will be an end.
Almost all of my life we've had each other.
We've laughed together, Cried together, Yelled at each other, And lied to each other.
But there is another thing, too.
I'm not so blind to see, How much you are like me.
In my heart I know that everything I do, Will somehow have an effect on you.
I try so hard to always set a good example,
But I know in the past I have given you bad samples.
Life isn't easy, And when it's not, I wanna be there to guide your way with you.
When I'm torn between choices, I always wonder how each one might effect you today.
I know there've been times when maybe I did the wrong thing, But now I can really see just how careful I need to be.
You'll make mistakes, Take the wrong road instead of the right, But don't ever let people tear you down, Always put up a fight.
Most of all I want you to know, That no matter where I am, What I'm doing, Or who I'm with, If you are in trouble in life, I'll drop everything, and be there in seconds to give you my advice.
I want to say I will end this message with something special,
But it would be a lie, Because there will never be an end, What we have together will never die.
~Kristine Anna Usselman, USA

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