Monday, August 10, 2009

Princess Diamond's Birthday Party Chapter I: The Centerpieces

My god daughter's first birthday was truly an enchanted event. Everything came together so wonderfully... To sum it all up it was a blessing... I thought that I would never get to share these with you all (very. very.very long story) but alas I present you Chapter One of the photos from Princess Diamond's first birthday.

And this is what the centerpieces looked like as they adorned the tables of the venue where the party was held.

I love the color in these photos.... Ummmm.... Yummy!
So how do you like them? Do you think that they were fitting for the princess, fairies and butterflies theme?


Thisishollywood said...

Fabulous pieces.All things including the sets, props, costumes, styling, and characters will have to symbolize the time and background of the event.

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watchthisis said...

Beautiful flower gifts.Stars love to celebrate in style, so large crystal centerpieces are a must.

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