Monday, October 12, 2009

Let's Play Catch Up: The Prayer Brunch

On September 15th, Free to Be Me Ministries™ founded by my spiritual mother, Prophetess Janice Turner, held an intimate prayer brunch in Florence, Alabama at New Birth Ministries. Each lady invited a friend, coworker, relative or whomever the Spirit led them to bring and I must say that this was one of the best prayer brunches ever. You could just feel the love in the place. The theme for this prayer brunch was, "Saving our Sisters, Connecting Together for a Divine Rescue™." It was truly a blessing to partake in this conference and to be in the presence of such loving, supporting and nuturing women.

For this brunch, yes... you guessed it... I was asked to do the decor... And I cheerfully welcomed the challenge of creating a beautiful brunch for these ladies to enjoy. I would like to extend my apologies ahead of time for the poor photos; I must say that the decor looked much, much better IRL. But...that is the flip-side of being an ameteur photographer :P!

First off, I would like to share with you the bird cage that I re-created. {Warning!!! This comes with a full narration} The bird cage is the mascot {for lack of better terms} for Free to Be Me Ministries™. For years, a lady in the ministry took care of the bird who was affectionately named "Free" until each women's conference.

However, unbeknownst to me "Free" has passed away about a week before this year's conference. So the morning of the brunch I was so stressed out because the caterer told me that she wanted the centerpiece on her food table to be striking {to say the least}. The pressure was on... I could not sleep the night before... Visions of centerpieces danced in my head... Pages of magazines, blog after blog, post after posts... I racked my brain to find something that would meet the caterer's expectations and make me happy... The morning of I journeyed through the storage room inmy mind and saw a bird cage.. Then I began to visualize countless "bird cage" centerpieces that have been popping up everywhere... And so there it was... the recreated bird cage... And the best part of it all... It had a dual purpose... First of all, it served purpose. It brought closure to the life of "Free" and secondly it confirmed that we were definitely in the will of God... How great is our God?

So here we are... the final photogs of the Free to Me™ Prayer Brunch 2009.

Did you enjoy them? Have you ever re-created something only to find that it's value was more than you would have ever deemed imaginable?

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