Monday, June 7, 2010

Buggin' Out!

I told you all how behind I was in my blog post and just to prove it here is a post about my goddaughter McKenzie's 2nd Birthday Party. Since her birthday was on Valentine's day, we decided to go with a love bug/lady bug theme... She doesn't look really happy in this photo because I caught her a little off guard... However, I love the serious look!

Now this one is more McKenzie... in full effect... See what I mean? ANTM I think we have a winner... LOL!
If I had been going in sequential order; I would have put these photos first... but at any rate here are the invitations created by yours truly.... Are they just too cute?

I just love these... Take note of the love bug on the return address area and the {love stamp}....

And what about a close up of the cake..... just darling...

And last but not least, a group shot of the birthday party gang! We had a blast!

This year I have hosted several "milestone" birthday parties... Stay tuned for more...
Up next.... a {Foxy and Forty Birthday Bash}!