Wednesday, July 7, 2010

My Version of a Sarong... It's a Wrap

On the 4th of July I put on my sarong and attempted to take several pictures of me in it (displaying the different styles), but Mr. Falsetto grew a little antsy after the second photo shoot (boo)!
However, on a good note, after watching youtube I was able tie my sarong in at least seven styles that I would definitely wear on vacation or in everday day life.

Here is my first take... The halter neck....

I wanted to add the belt, but I could not find the one that I wanted to use right away.... Maybe I will get to do a Part II really soon :).
Here is the second take... The one shoulder......

I really loved this one... I mean really... but the dress made me look a lot bigger than I am! That's wear the belt would have been handy! LOL!
Overall the sarong was extremely comfortable and is known all around the world as a staple of the wardrobe. {I guess I am a little late getting in on this one.. LOL!}

Here are two great ways to wear what is essentially nothing, but a large piece of fabric. The best part of it is that when travleing it will take up very little room in your suitcase. Take a few sarongs and you won't even need clothes! If you are like me you can use the extra room to bring even more shoes, hand bags and jewelry!