Wednesday, October 6, 2010

A Pink & Zebra Print/ Top Model themed 13th Birthday Bash

Back in August, yes August, I planned a 13th birthday bash whose theme consisted of a perfect blend of zebra print, hot pink and ANTM. Oh, how I love the three...

First off the invites... Playing off of the "Tyra Mail" that is given to the on contestants on the show ANTM, we went with the "Kristin Mail" invites seen here... From what I here they were a hit among her friends and classmates! Can I say S-C-O-R-E!

Inside of the invitations were two inserts: one provided the directions and the other one instructed the girls on what to wear for the fashion show, which was scheduled to take place during the party. So on the day of the party all the giddy teenagers arrived with garment bags containing their outfits of choice.

The fashion show was a blast! Over a year ago, I found a Make Me a Fashion Model themed cd at the Dollar Tree with the expectation of using it to volunteer with a local 4-H club's fashion show. I didn't get use the cd for that event, but it sure did come in handy for this one! Thank God for good deals!
We found these adorable zebra print plates at Hobby Lobby! It took us nearly a month to purchase enough of them for the party. I think that it is safe to assume that the zebra print was very popular for events in our area. (On a side note, I judged a Jr. Miss pageant a couple of weeks ago and they used these plates as well). Assumption confirmed! Ha!

I decided to take the simplistic, yet chic route with the decor for this party because I had so many other events taking place around the same time. If I must say so myself, everything turned out A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E! Sometimes less is best especially when you are dabbling in the animal prints.

Next up were the party favors. I originally found them on Etsy as seen in the the photog below, however, I just could not bring myself to pay full price for something that I felt could be done for a fraction of the cost.
So the birthday girl's mother and I collected toilet paper rolls for over a month. I purchased the zebra scrapbook paper, filling and ribbon from Hobby Lobby and she provided the labor and lavish treats that rested on the inside of these lovelies! Another successful DIY! Check!

Lastly, the birthday cake! It seemed as though every child in our area had a birthday in the month of August. It became seemingly impossible to have a cake made with our most popular cake decorators in the area. I guess with shows such as the Cake Boss everyone wants a fabulous cake for their events and heck, I can't blame them! We went with a lady who does cakes part-time out of her home, and boy were we pleased! The cake was beautiful and quite tasty too!

In my other world, I am Kristin's pageant coach. So, I could not resist the opportunity to coordinate our outfits with the party theme!


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Christy & Cory Danner said...

Came across your blog and loved your Pink and Zebra party. Can you tell me where you found your plates/napkins. I'm doing the same type of theme for my daughter's birthday party.

M'Shonta said...

I am just picking this up... I hope that it is not too late... I found the plates/napkins at Hobby Lobby.

tameka said...

I am using this same color theme for my daughters 13th birthday party. I am so glad that I came across your blog.. What type of treats did you put into the party favor tubes?

M'Shonta said...

I just used an array of candy from Sam's! I think that it only took 1 bag :)!

Anonymous said...

I'm turning 13 august 6 and I have no idea what to do but I know I want to use this theme.I need major help planning and I'm trying to do a non expensive party because recently my mom was laid off.So also, how much did this party cost?

M'Shonta said...

Mohogany, it was less than $100 {not including the food}. I bought supplies from Hobby Lobby.

Melissa Gonzalez said...

Where did you get the pink ribbon with stripes

M'Shonta said...

Melissa Gonzalez,

I acutally had that ribbon in my ribbon stash that I purchased from Big Lots many years ago... It was only $1. I would check Hobby Lobby these days! They always have a great selection :).