Wednesday, January 5, 2011

31 and Cultivated

Last year I had a huge 30th birthday party ; so this year I wanted to host a small celebration with a few of the women that I feel have influenced my life most... I simply wanted to celebrate those who helped to cultivate me into the woman that I am today in a traditional Japenese setting at UMI.

Not a good idea... I received immediate resistance from my friends and boyfriend. Work...previous's name it...I HEARD IT! So just like that I cancelled my {31 and Cultivated} themed birthday party. No Japanese fans for favors... no sitting on the floor without shoes around a small dinner red and black invites.... Nothing...

So my party plans for me and the girls quickly turned to a night out with Mr. Falsetto... Not bad, Huh? Well, he wanted to take me to UMI's and I was not all that thrilled about going because all that I could think about was the party that none of my "friends" could make times for. But I GAVE IN and went anyway.....
And to my SURPRISE was..........

Yes, yes, yes..... he along with the help of my girlfriends pulled off a surprise birthday party for me... I WAS SURPRISED!

I was sooo impressed with my friends party planning abilities. So you see the small favor boxes and the chopstick favors? The small bags had a tag on it that read "thank you" and inside was a fortune cookie. (I opened my fortune cookie and it read, "Your next endeavor will be a success." I will fill you all in on that one later...)

I am still in shock as I am writing this post... it meant soo much to me to have my friends celebrating life with me. It was truly a dream come true and it came with a kimono too!

Ja Ne!!!!!

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