Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Easter Bells and Easter Pails...

As I write this post; I am reminded of my first Easter speech... Easter Bells by Lizzie Akers... As i searched for the words... I quickly discovered that either I recited the wrong speech or I don't have the mind of perfect recall as it pertains to memorizing my first Easter Sunday Speech...
Presenting the first-ever Easter Speech delivered by M'Shonta:

O the Easter bells are gladly ringing,
Let the whole world join the happy lay,
Let the hills and vales break forth in singing,
Christ, the Lord of Life, is ris'n today.

Okay, so I remember something like:

Easter bells are gently ringing,
Little children are gently singing,
Christ was born on Easter day!
Little mothers tell the story of how Jesus, Suffered from death and shame...
And with the power and the glory may He ever more reign!!!

Now that I look at it... I believe that I combined my Christmas and Easter speech... I am going to leave that alone! LOL!

Moving along... to the Easter Pail... Each season Custom Creations by M'Shonta introduces something different to the product line... This season we have created Easter Pails that can be used in any season! They can be used after Easter to organize around the house ~ store small things, bathroom supplies, art supplies, socks, you name it! The customer will also get to personalize their pail however they choose with a name, monogram, or custom phrase.

We have been doing really well with selling these Easter Pails... However, it has always been my belief that there is always room for improvement and innovation... So with that being said; which pail do you like best? What other designs would you like to see? Please feel free to comment; all will be appreciated!

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