Friday, March 18, 2011

A Time for Change...

I had to change my blog background again... Loved, loved, loved the other one but font color did not show up well.... So... I had to change... Again! LOL!

It's all good though... spring is officially here and it's time to change some things in my life.... When I start spring cleaning I don't leave one stone unturned.... I clean from the inside out... I clean naturally and spiritually.... Hey, it has to be why not do it all at once... I don't promote pain...So I always opt for the quick shot and get it over with...

So what's on the agenda to be changed:
  • My personal time of devotion {This is the #uno priority; lots of things coming up in my life and lots of things
  • My blog {Check}
  • My clothing {gotta let some go; I really need to simplify my wardrobe}
  • My eating habits {new job=lots of travel=lots of eating out=lots of pound= I have to get it before it gets me}
  • My self care {I often find myself taking care of its time to take care of me... mind, body, soul and spirit}
  • My house {I have to create a home office}

As you can see everything on my list is about {me} and that is the way that I intended to be. In order for me to be effective in anyone's else life I must first make my life both efficient and effective.

God has truly blessed me and for that I am extremely grateful... I am at a great place in my life right now, but I realize that this is only Elam {a good place but not the place that God has ordained for me}..... I want the Promised Land.... I want place that God has promised to me... I want to the place flowing with milk and honey!

So with that being said... God is changing some things in my life... God is moving and shaking some things.... God is eliminating and elevating somethings.... This is the season for elimination to take place and it starts right here with you and me.... It start right now...

Last week I posted this quote on facebook:

"Sometimes God eliminate things in our lives because He knows that we don't have the strength to do it our ourselves... So if you are going through a process of elimination.... Praise God because His hands are on your life.... After you eliminate... you must ELEVATE... The weights have been lifted and its much easier for you to rise!" #Quote Me by M'Shonta

It's time for change... It's time for God to make some changes in our lives... My Life... My Life... The time is here... It's time for change!

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