Monday, February 16, 2009

My "DIY" Weekend

This weekend I had a blast!!! It was {jammed packed}... Just the way I like it...

First off Friday night, I had a couple of projects that I had to complete for the weekend... To start off a crystal tree... (I have always adored these, but I just could not envision spending 500-1000 dollars for one of these) So what did I do? I headed to the forest with a friend found a tree, spray painted it and added flowers and crystals... The end result??? This beautiful tree! It made it's debut at a wedding blessing on Sunday. I could not be more proud of it! (***ETA: The crystals were from Spegiel; I ordered them about 7 years ago and never used them. I guess they were waiting for this project!!)

Next on the list... A handmade Valentine's card for Mr. Falsetto with an original poem! He {loved} it! I made it using the Cricut that he purchased me for my birthday last year. He was elated that I used it!!! (P.S. It's not that I don't love it; it's just that I have to lend time to all of my talents)

Finally, chocolate covered strawberries for my god daughters birthday... They were delicious!!!

How was your weekend?? Do you have any DIY projects in the mix? If so what are they?


Jessie said...

I didnt DIY at the weekend but I LOVE your tree! It looks great.

A Biltmore Bride said...

Great Job on all of you projects. I have so many and I'm not sure where to start. So, I just took a break from everything wedding related and relaxed physically and MENTALLY!!!