Monday, February 23, 2009

Photojournalistic Photography

I have been seeing these wonderful, magazine quality wedding photographs popping up everywhere. What is it? It is referred to as photojournalistic wedding photography. For those of you who are in the dark about photojournalistic photography, like myself, here is some wonderful information that I would like to share with you that I found on and

photo source: © 2009 Robert Winton

Photojournalistic wedding photography is a relatively new form of wedding photography. Similar to the way a photojournalist covers an event your photographers covers your wedding as a news photographer would cover an event. Instead of staging or setting up posed pictures, your photographer records the events as they are happening. Thus seizing the monument, by capturing the mood, lighting and events of the day.

However, you must be very careful about choosing your photographer for you big day especially when you are looking for soemthing special such as a photojournalistic photographer. Just like the dollar menu {orginated by Wendy's}, when something becomes popular, everyone wants to offer it.{which can sometimes be to your advantage}

With popularity comes all kinds of variations, knockoffs and even imposters. Due to its high demand, some form of photojournalism is offered by many of todays wedding photographers. When you book an appointment with your photographer be sure to ask if they have a website and check out their work prior to your appointment. This is the only sure way of knowing if they have a gifted photographers {eye}.

A few weeks ago my friend was in the market for a wedding photographer. Being the good friend that I am I agreed to screen some photographers for her... One of my conversations went a little like this....{this is a really edited version, he went on and on for about 20 minutes in between each question}.

M'shonta: Hi, my name is M'shonta and I am in the market for a photographer to shoot a May 16th wedding and you were referred to me by {XYZ} vendor...

PhotoGuy: Well, thanks for calling M'Shonta. {XYZ} vendor told me that I would hearing from you pretty soon... What can I help you with?

M'shonta: Well, it's actually not [me], but I am calling for my best friend. She is looking for someone who does photojournalistic photography and is available on May 16th... I would like to know if you have a website or any other information that you could send me...

PhotoGuy: No, I do not have a website and I will tell you right now about this {photo} whatever you called it photography... These young people are just taking your money... They are just.. well... lazy... I have been shooting weddings for the past umphteen years and this here {what did you call it again darling}

M'shonta: Photojournalistic Photography?

Photoguy: Photojournalistic Photography..Yeah that's it... Well, it's just the easy way out to me... I'll tell you this... I can do what they do; but they can not do what I do...

M'shonta: So basically your telling me that photojournalistic photography is not your speciality? You would rather do more traditonal wedding shots???

PhotoGuy: Yes, that is what I am saying....

M'Shonta: Okay,thanks for your time and I have enjoyed talking with you... I will pass this information along to my friend and if she is still interested she will give you a call..

PhotoGuy: Thanks hun.... and ..... hey

{dial tone}

Bottom Line: Ask for what you want and if they don't have it... Move on to the next one... Don't feel bad and don't bend... This is your {moment in time}.

******ETA********(No, I did not hang up on him intentionally. I called back and he informed me that he was talking to someone else...)

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