Friday, December 4, 2009

A Christmas Photoshoot Gone Bad

After the fashion extravaganza we proceeded to the living room with plans of capturing a cute snapshot of the little one in front of the Christmas tree. We decided to pose the picture a bit and gave a ornament to the little one so that she could {pretend} as if she were hanging it. (Did I mention that she is only 21 months old) No, things did not go as planned and I never got that perfect shot that I had envisioned... Don't judge me.... I told you that I wasn't a mother! LOL! Instead she became totally engrossed/frustrated with trying to get the ornament to hang back on the tree and refused to cooperate for the photo {insert sad face}.

After many tireless efforts on my behalf to get the {perfect} shot and on her behalf to get the freakin' ball-ball (as she calls it) to hang on the tree; we decided to play a game of patty-cakes with feet.

I had a joyous time with my friends... This is what Christmas is all about... Making Memories!