Thursday, December 3, 2009

Rippin' the Runway in Stilettos

Saturday night, one of my goddaughters (who happens to be 21 months) visited me while she and her mom were out and about purchasing Christmas decorations for their home. Lemme' tell you....she was a hoot! Upon entering the house she proceeded to my bedroom and started browsing through my vast collection of stilettos. Finally she selected a pair (the most comfortable pair btw) and immediately began to rip the runway!

We ALL fell into the floor laughing as hard as we possibly could. This.little.chic put on a pair of 31/2 to 4 inch stilettos and walked in them 300 times better than most adults that I saw in the mall during the Thanksgiving holidays. I did not get a picture of her actually walking in them; but I did manage to com[pose] myself enough to snap these shots!

I am not yet a mother, but watching little girls play in high heels brings about a somewhat maternal inner diva joy that I just can not explain... Perhaps, I won't think it is as cute one day when my little one grabs a pair of my priceless pumps and precedes to rip the runway or hallway.. But for now I think it's a-d-o-r-a-b-l-e and I can't wait to tune in for the next fashion show.

So... Do you have any little divas that pass their playtime to pick out their favorite pair of shoes? What is your favorite dress-up story of all times?
Up next, the little diva trims the Christmas tree..literally!

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