Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The Power of Reading the Word Daily

I love reading... I especially love reading Christian and self help books...

A few years ago; I took on the challenge of reading the bible... Since then, I have made it a part of my daily routine and I must add that it has been a wonderful habit to form...

I did a google search on the benefits of reading the bible and I came across the article below which was a study on Deuteronomy 17:18-20. I will just post Verse 20; it made the biggest impact on my life... If you would like to read the entire article you can visit

Verse 20

That his heart may not be lifted up above his brethren, and that he may not turn aside from the commandment, either to the right hand or to the left; so that he may continue long in his kingdom, he and his children, in Israel.

There are three benefits from Bible reading mentioned in this verse - we will gain humility, we will be steadfast in our walk, and we will be blessed. When we truly understand our condition before God and how we are so dependent on his mercy and forgiveness, it gives us a different perspective toward others. We understand how futile pride, arrogance, and feelings of superiority really are. We realize that we are all sinners together saved by grace. So we learn to overlook the shortcomings in others because we know our own frailties, weaknesses, and sins. The more we understand God, the more humble we feel.

Wilson comments, "It is here intimated that the Scriptures diligently read are a powerful means to keep a person humble, because they show that, though a king, he is subject to a higher Monarch, to whom he must give an account of all his administrations, and receive from Him his sentence agreeably to their quality, which is sufficient to abate the haughtiest person in the world."

This verse tells us that Bible reading helps us to keep to the straight path - "he may not turn aside from the commandment, either to the right hand or to the left." The more we learn about God, the more we love him and want to please him. This causes us to resist temptations and to exhibit self-control. As we turn our life over to God, the path seems clearer and the snares and traps are easier to see and to avoid.

Finally, this verse tells us that we will be blessed. God will bless our endeavors and will bless our family. When we live our life according to Biblical principles, we will avoid many dangers that others face to their physical health, mental health, and especially spiritual health. We will have a peace and confidence because we know who holds our future.

If you want God’s blessings on your life, be like the rulers of Israel were to be - read the Bible and allow it to guide and instruct you everyday of your life.

And there you have it... There is power in the word!

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