Monday, March 5, 2012

Our Magical Disney Engagement: Part III

So there we were… walking through the doors of the castle of the princess who graced so many of my childhood dreams and memories! There we were entering into the beautiful and enchanting castle of Cinderella!

I stood patiently in line awaiting my moment to meet her and I seriously had to fight back the tears! It took everything in me to muffle the voice the five year old little girl inside of me who wanted to eloquently bellow, “I love you Cinderella! When I grow up I want to be just like you!”

And just like that we were next… I don’t even remember what I said to her, but I do remember what I felt! First the first time in my life I felt that “Dreams really do come true!”

Robert and I posed for a few candid shots and were immediately seated until our names were called to join Cinderella for the royal dinner! I can’t recall all the details of that wait… But I do remember that will go down as the best waiting list for dinner in my life!

For those who know me know that I am never found to be at a loss for words! But as we sat there waiting for them to extend and invitation the Royal Turner Family for dinner with Cinderella, I became so overwhelmed with emotions that I began to silently weep… It started as a sweet inward welping… And then it became a sudden torrential outpour of tears! I don’t ever being this excited in my life! I cried so hard that I became embarrassed at my childlike reaction and I wanted to leave… We waited for what seemed like an eternity and I began to try and sway my sweetheart into leaving, however, he calmly refused.

Shortly later the bell rang and the voice over the loud speaker said, “Will the Royal Turner family please come forward? You have been invited to a Royal Dinner with Cinderella.”

Wow oh Wow! Me oh my!

Me....I….I was going to eat in Cinderella’s castle… My heart beat a thousand thumps that second… My hands shook uncontrollably… My feet suddenly began to weigh a ton and my steps were shortened significantly… I…. I was going to eat in Cinderella’s castle!

As we rounded the stairwell, I was enthralled with the beauty and splendor that surround us… The lights were dim and the details of the castle were just like I had imagined. I was standing straight.smack.dead in the middle of what I had once been just a dream.

We were greeted by a knight in shining armor and seated at our dinner table… The menus were delivered and selections reminded me that it was indeed Thanksgiving Day! I opted not to order a Thanksgiving dinner, however, in hindsight it would not have mattered at all…as I only a bit of my food and you will understand why in just a moment.

Our waiter asked who was the princess at the table and I shot my hand up like a teacher’s pet! I realized how eager I looked and I slowly lowered my left arm and began to point to Robert’s mother and sister who were also seated at the table with us! Oops!

The waiter handed us all magic wands and a star and instructed us to make a wish! My wish had come true and all I could do was to continue to relish in a moment of real life royalty.

We all placed our orders and indulged in a few engaging conversations! I was immediately distracted by the parade of Disney princesses and removed by camera to try and capture a few shots of them. I began to get frustrated because by shutter was not fast enough and I could not capture one good shot! Robert eased my frustration by informing me that every.single.Disney.princess.would.visit.our.table!

DID YOU HEAR ME? Every princess would stop by and converse with me! Belle, Sleeping Beauty, Ariel, Jasmine, Cinderella and Snow White! Excitement stole my appetite! And before you knew it the appetizers were being served.

Up next, roses are always appetizing!

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I am LOVING this!!!!

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