Tuesday, March 20, 2012

A Very Late 2011 Wrap Up! LOL!

Last year was an extremely busy year for me… Let’s wrap it up bullet point style! How I love those bullet points, they just hit the highlights in life! LOL!
• January- God blessed me with a new job as a product manger with a Fortune 500 company! This job marked my third promotion in less than a year!!! And my fiancé preached his first sermon!!! Glory to God!!!!!

• February- I launched a Valentine’s line for my company, Custom Creations by M’Shonta! Sells were very good and I thank God for the gift of creatively that He has bestowed upon me! I also planned a 14 reason why I love you Valentine’s Day Celebration with Robert!

• March- My pageant system, Purposeful Pageant Productions became official with a logo in hand!!! Our mission is for every pageant to serve a God given purpose in the earth!!!! We had our first pageant under this newly incorporated system and named it the Rhinestones and Rabbits Easter Pageant! It went off without a hitch! A percentage of the proceeds from that pageant benefited our Relay for Life team Princesses with a Purpose!

• April- I took my mother to Houston along with me to attend the Women Who Win Conference. She was laid off from her job in September of 2010 and I wanted to do something that would get it off of her mind… So I bought her a brand new wardrobe and paid all of her expenses to the conference! It was life changing! While there were met a relative whom we had not seen in years… We also watched the Royal wedding and gathered inspiration.

• May- Due to the tornados that hit in late April, I felt the desire to help others in need…. So I launched the Starfish Project and urged my FaceBook friends to give to $100 each so that we could give immediate financial assistance to those who were affected. It was such a blessing to be of service to others.

• June- It was a busy month for weddings! I served as a DOC and wedding planner for two weddings!! It was amazing!!!

• July- Was truly a month for celebrating!!! I planned a birthday party, baby shower and a pageant!! I think I only had one open weekend in July! Whew!!!

• August- Back to school for the kiddos and increased workload for me! LOL! I also managed to squeeze in a cupcake themed baby shower!

• September- I honestly don’t remember what happened! Most of the month was spent traveling, working an preparing for our 24th Church Anniversary!

• October- Was quite a busy month! I started ramping up for Christmas, went to AMMU Homecoming after five years, and celebrated our 24th Church Anniversary!

• November- I got engaged!!!! Did anything else happen?

• December- Deserves a separate post! LOL! But we will take a shot! My fiancé bought us a house, I found a wedding dress and most of the vendors, we had a photo shoot at the new house, I was hired as a professional tree decorator (LOL), we celebrated the holidays first class and much, much more!

So there you have it! I will do better next year! Recapping the year a few months earlier will be a great start!

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