Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Our Magical Disney Engagement: Part IV

Shortly after our appetizers arrived, the waiter delivered a dozen of beautiful long stemmed roses. They were soooo beautiful that my eyes danced with delight. Robert always gifts me with roses; so I did not think any deeper into it… It was just eloquent touch to commemorate this special night.

The roses contained a card that read, “Dreams Do Come True!” I assumed that he was referring to my overall Disney experience… So, I began to diligently search through the stems looking for the Disney ears as the card had instructed… I found them with little effort and a much joy! How fun, I thought, where’s dinner….

Dinner arrived and it looked delish! As soon as I began to sample my garlic mashed potatoes, Robert commented that he was surprised that I had not purchased a crown in the gift shop earlier. I adamantly admitted that I wanted to; however, I did not want the family to make fun of me! At that very moment we had another special delivery. This time is was a gorgeous white pillow encrusted with diamonds and pearls resting on a platter of long stemmed roses. The roses were arranged on the platter like those thrown on a stage after a rousing performance. A beautiful tiara graced the pillow paired with an elegant corsage and a miniature glass slipper that engraved with the words, “Dreams Do Come True.” He removed the tiara and crowned me and pinned the corsage on the lapel of my leather motorcycle vest {if only I had known, I would have worn something totally different}.

During the crowning moment he asked me would I be his princess forever and I said yes…

Shortly after my “Yes” the princesses began to make their rounds. I was as giddy as a school girl on the playground with her first crush! I took photo opportunities with each of them as I wanted to treasure those memories forever! Now that I know that this was a proposal in the making; I am so elated that I did!

Up, next... I enjoyed a parade of princesses!

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