Sunday, December 28, 2008

50 Things That Make Me Happy

Before I reveal 30 things that I want to do before I am 30 (coming 1/1/09), I will give you a list of 50 things that make me happy...

1. My personal relationship with God.
2. Life (I have too much to do in the earth).
3. Helping others to make their dreams come true.... just helping others period!
4. Knowing that I have a destiny and that I am going to fulfill it.
5. My prince charming... He knows who he is!
6. My family... All of them... even Junebug... LOL!
7. All of my god daughters!
8. Achieving goals(both large and small).
9. True beauty... (nature, people, paintings, buildings... all things beautiful).
10. Being Creative!
11. Music... all my favorite music.
12. Organization... everything has a place!
13. A to-do list (that has everything completed).
14. A pamper me day (everyone need one of those).
15. New lounge clothes ( I love being cute and comfie).
16. Mac Make-up (enough said).
17. Catching up with old family and friends.
18. Knowing that I made someone smile.
19. Good food (and Strawberry Sundaes on Sunday).
20. Taking the scenic route.
21. Driving with no destination... adventure!
22. Doing something that has never been done!
23. No stress, worries, or drama...
24. The smell of spring...
25. True and lasting friendships...
26. Finding good sales ( like 95% off the already marked down prices).
27. Scrapbooking and shopping scrapbook goodies.
28. Dreaming and watching them come true (only the good ones).
29. Praise dancing.
30. Surin of Thailand (my favorite restaurant of all time).
31. My cello.
32. All aspects of pageantry.
33. Surfing the web.
34. My life coaches.
35. Writing poems and short stories.
36. Reading books.
37. Beautifully wrapped presents.
38. Money (especially unexpected income).
39. Being self sufficient.
40. A healthy mind, body, soul and spirit.
41. A day alone.
42. Hot bubble bath with candles, music and a cold glass of a fresca and juice.
43. Being rewarded and/or appreciated.
44. Using all my gifts and talents to some degree.
45. Planning events.
46. Feeling that I have accomplished something major at the end of each day.
47. Being debt free.
48. Being in a positive environment/ good atmosphere.
49. Loving others...
50. The promise that God has given me for my life will come true.

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