Thursday, December 18, 2008

You Can't See the Forest for those Beautiful Wedding Trees...

I really love the idea of the crystal wedding trees. I think that are very versatile and yet they exude beauty and class {if they are done correctly}. Due to my background in the pageant area, I have always had a passion for anything with bling {when it is tastefully done, that is}. Let's take a look at this beauties shall we?

I really like this one, but it needs a little more bling...Just a little... LOL!

I like the bling on this one, but the color... not so much!

If the prices for the trees get too costly, I thought about alternating them with something like this minus the fake floral arrangements....

And if all else fails we will keep with the Italian theme and adorned the tables with Eiffel tower vases and beautiful floral arrangements like the one seen here... We may even add in a few strings of bling for the heck of it!!!! Lovely!

What do you think??? Does anyone know where I can get some quality bling for less cha'ching???

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