Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas with M'Shonta...

It's Christmas Eve and this is how I decorate for the holidays... I don't have much space, so all of my Christmas decor is confined to one room. {I really appreciate that when it is time to put it all away}. LOL!

This year my color theme was pink, green and gold!

Let's start with the tree shall we???

Another view....

It's all about the "Presentation"... I highly recommend this book by Carolyn Roehm. I {heart} beautifully wrapped gifts. I was a little lazy this year... I found gift bags after Christmas last year at Hobby Lobby for less than a dime, so I used those this year. I did wrap a few gifts for the "really special people" in my life... I don't think that I will be using so many gift bags under my tree again next year... it just doesn't do it for me!

How about a fun one???

And now for my pink and green garland... I placed it along my sofa table since I don't have stairs in my place.

How about an up close shot?

The pink and green centerpiece that sits on my coffee table...

Finally, here is how I display the warm greetings that I get in the mail...

Don't you just love the holidays!!!

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