Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Showered with Tiffany's: Part III

Let the games begin!

What is a shower without games... Right? {now pass your gift to the right} LOL! Just kidding, but you get my drift... I am tired of all the {Left} {Right}, toilet paper and all the other {overdone} bridal shower games... I am looking for somthing creative, unique, fresh and fun. When I get the opportunity {and time is on my side} I am going to create bridal shower games that meet the above criteria and share them with all of you. But until then, I will have to rely on the www and you, my blogging buddies.

Here is a list of what I have so far and the descriptions. Please advise on what I should keep and what should lend to File 13....

**** The mini-cake decoration contest.

**** The Newly Wed game {sort of}

**** Pass Me the Teddy

**** Bridal Shower Mad Libs

Do you have any fun bridal shower games that you would like to share?

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Ali said...

I recently had to plan a wedding shower myself...

the designers lingerie:
get underwear in the appropriate size in any style. then set a timer give out sharpies or some other craft items and let the guests get to work!! The bride gets to decide after the time is up which one is her favorite. here is the trick... she (the bride) has to wear them over her clothes!

the blindfold game:
odd but very funny. blindfold the guests and let the bride make the next move. she is to have them remove an item the wouldnt wear doing something. the point is to see who realizes the can remove the blindfold first then who gets the farthest in a state of undress. be sure to explain in the rules that anything can be removed.

i dont know if these will help you any. they were just some of the less traditional games i found for my friends shower!