Sunday, March 15, 2009

Showers with {Joy}: The $100 Bridal Shower Challenge

This weekend we had a shower for my friend whose middle name is {Joy}. We had a blast!!! This post will be very picture heavy because I have a ton of DYI projects to share!!! But before we begin, I want to let you all in on a little {secret}. I challenged myself to do this entire shower decor and door prizes for less than $100. The end result.... Well, you will see in just a momento!

First off the door prizes.... While shopping at Burkes Outlet on the clearance rack; I came across these leather card holders which were marked down to 95% off the clearance price and with an extra 15% off with my Friday Club Card.... My grand total was 15 cents!!! Yes, that's right I paid $0.15!!!!!!!!

Although the wallet was genuine leather with an unbeatable price; it still left much to be desired... So what did I do? I saw an opportunity to release some scrapbooking mojo. And with a little inspiration from my dear friends at ScrapbookScrapbook; this beauty was created! The final price for these with embellishments was only 45 cents!

Next.... the wishing tree {which I have done once before} and the poem. For this I drew some inspiration from several of the weddingbee bloggers. The total cost for this tree was around $5.00. Here is a shot of the wishing tree, tags, and poem.

Following the wishing tree are the table centerpieces. May I insert a little background info here? Thanks... I knew that you would understand. {BS: I have been {in love} with the crystal trees since I began to assist my friend with the planning of her wedding. However, the cost of them; they were quickly removed from the bride's wish list... But me on the other hand, once I am in love.... I am 100% there!!! And I did not want to suffer from a broken heart... So what did I do???} I found a subsitute and it only cost a small fraction of the price..... These trees made their debut at the shower for a whopping $5.00!

The entire set up {tree, crystals, vase, flowers, etc.) only cost $8.50 each! How do you like it?

Here are the close-ups of the votives.... I got these are the Dollar Tree for a $1.00 each!

Next up are Tiffany boxes.... Simple and classic.... Cost $3.50 each!

And one shot upclose...

Candy Buffet..... (including candy)...........$25.00..... Cracker Barrell is a hidden treasure!!!

Gift bags.... The card reads.... Love is, above all, the gift of oneself. --Jean Anouilh
Finally, the punch bowl decor...Southern Lady style... Final Cost....$3.00! I made some slammin' Tiffany Blue punch, but I took this photo before the tables were set! And it was actually very, very close to {Tiffany Blue}:(!

My grand total..................................................................

I exceeded my budget by $5.oo!!! It was those darn $4.50 cookie and creme Hershey Kisses that sent me over the top, LOL! However, I think that I did fairly well pulling off a platinum inspired shower on a copper budget! LOL!

Let me know what you think! I am anxious to hear your comments!

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