Thursday, September 17, 2009

A Golden Celebration: The Gold Rush

Do you remember this post? Well, the time has come for me to recap my mother's 50th birthday celebration. My oldest brother and I had been discussing and planning this event for almost a year. We were elated to see how it all came together in the end... and the look. on. our. mother's. face. was. priceless!!! {I have yet to receive the professional photogs}

First off, our vision was to have everything dripping in gold, crystals and pearls. Yes, we were caught in the gold rush! LOL! Truthfully, our mother is a single parent and we wanted this day to be very elegant and beautiful. She has never been married and so we took the concept of 50th wedding anniversary, which is considered as the golden anniversary, and used it create a golden celebration for our mother. We wanted this day to be one of the most memorable experiences of her life!
::::::::::And here is how it all begin::::::::::
As you may remember, I :::swoon::: when I see crystal trees and every time I get the opportunity to use them in my decor... I take full advantage :}! I really did not realize how difficult it was to find leafless tree branches in the summer. It took me almost two weeks to collect these. Thank God for pruning and grooming! Here are how the trees looked before the gold rush:

And here they are shortly after...better...but they still need a little more work to become ::swoon:: worthy...

Hmmm....that's more like....

Next up are the baskets... I purchased these at Hobby Lobby for 10 cents each during a 90% off sale. Can I say major score?

Here they are before the gold rush:

And after {sorry for the very, very bad pic}:

These were used to hold gift tags for the money tree as seen in the picture below. They turned out really, really cute if I must say so myself!

Up next.... how it all came together!!!

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