Thursday, September 24, 2009

My Golf Experience

I went golfing with Mr. Falsetto and I am going sum my golfing experience/ highlights up in three photos:

Mr. Falsetto {of course}

Hole #1 {the beginning of the end}

Hole #18 {the end}

Enough Said!


Sofia Karg said...

Was this your first time to play golf? 18 holes can last up to four hours or longer if the course is crowded. It can be a very frustrating experience if you didn’t plan the event accordingly. Well, it seems that wasn’t the case based on the pictures you’ve posted. By the way, Mr. Falsetto has a great form. :D

Sofia Karg

Kaden Gill said...

Is Falsetto his real name? Or he's just too good with his falsetto? Haha! :P I hope you and Mr. Falsetto had a great time together. The field is not just a place for sharpening skills. It's also a place for building memories. :)

Kaden Gill

Renee Powell said...

Mr. Falsetto knows his stuff! The angle and form of his body speak of how much experience he has playing golf. What about you? Have you put any serious thoughts in pursuing golf as a regular activity?

Renee Powell @ Faulk Wood Shores Golf