Friday, September 30, 2011

De-Masked for Destiny

Last week I ran stumbled across Richie Carter's Blog and it truly "captured" my attention... He is a local photographer that is allowing God's creative power to work through a project that he is calling “Project 50/50″.  Throughout the month of September, he is going to take 50 photographs over 50 sequential days of 50 different people telling their stories in 50 words or less with a 50mm lens.  Very interesting!  You can follow it here!

After reading his Mirror, Mirror entry from Day 15 of Project 50/50; I began to reflect....
One can't help but to reflect upon themselves when seeing this work of art. For me I saw a Mask!

So many things opened up for me in my life when I removed the mask... Beyond the beauty, brains and boatload of accolades was a broken girl whose pain was masked by glitz and glamour...

When I removed the mask, I was healed from the inside out and the beauty of God radiated in every way imaginable!

I was De-Masked for Destiny!

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