Friday, September 23, 2011

Talents are Like Tokens; Destiny is Like a Treasure!

This year has been extremely busy for me... A brand new position in which I travel nearly 85% of the time, maintaining a healthy lifestyle, cultivating a consistent prayer life, volunteering at my church and running three successful businesses have proven to be quite a challenge!

I really admire those of you who do all of the above and yet still find the time to be nurturing mothers and loving wives! I pray that when the time comes for me to begin a family; I will able to sustain all that I am doing now as well as meet the needs of my family.

But for now, I have a full plate with corn to boot! Amazingly, I have been able to fulfill all of my obligations…but I question whether or not I have been fulfilling my purpose….

I have always been a creative individual, but since I have started serving God in Spirit and in Truth my creative ability has continued to multiply. My steps of faith have granted me miles of favor and blessings. I often liken my current state in life unto the servant in Matthew 25:14-30 who was blessed with ten talents only after he was obedient and maximized the gifts that God had initially given him. 
I am in awe of all of the gifts that God has entrusted in me. I am thankful for His creative power. I glorify the works of His hands through mine… Nothing is more rewarding than the smiles on the faces of happy clients… And no one can imagine the joy that I feel; the connection that I feel with the creator when I am creating… It is so pure! But yet when the smiling faces have disappeared into the shadows of their personal lives, the events are over, my “big” project was a success and I have made my final sale at the craft shows… There is a still small voice on the inside of me that says….. “This is not it!”
Although, I have a great job and all the endeavors that I’ve pursued have been lucrative…. I have learned one great lesson in life…. In time my talents have brought fulfillment, but only my purpose will fulfill my destiny.
And so the desire to fulfill my purpose and destiny deepens and the heart to seek the Kingdom of God and all of His righteousness develops daily. Your talents are like tokens and your destiny and purpose are like treasures. Guard it with your life! After all, it is one the most valuable thing that you will ever possess.


Adrienne said...

You know, this was a great post.

M'Shonta said...

Thanks Adrienne! This post started one way, but took a detour...I just wrote it as I felt it! So glad that you enjoyed it!

lady j said...

HELLO LADY i love your blog today I see you are very very GREATFUL for all your blessings and is ready for more..God bless you today and always, He will continue to work WITH and through you ⚘⚘