Wednesday, September 28, 2011

In the Mind of M'Shonta

Around 578,678, 325, 998, 546 thoughts run through my mind each day.  Sometimes I capture them and most of the time I don't!  LOL!  In some cases that may be a very good thing!  LOL! 

Below are a few of those thoughts that I have managed to capture to share in this post... Some are deep; some are not so deep... but never the less...they are mine :)!

  • I need to write a few prayers... Maybe I should even post that on fb and allow others to comment on the prayers that they would like to write...
  • Would people think that I am a Holy Rolly if I did that?
  • Who cares?  I will pray and see what the Holy Spirit is leading me to do...
  • Gosh, my to-do list is as long as the bathroom line at Disney World in the middle of July....
  • Speaking of Disney World... I need to finish planning my trip!  My dream is finally going to come true at almost 32!
  • Did I just say that out loud?
  • I wish I had a Milo's in Muscle Shoals... I could surely use a burger RIGHT NOW!
  • Some days I miss college...
  • On 2nd consideration....
  • NOT!
  • Oh my!  My boss is still asking for that project and I am still not finished!
  • Why is it so hard for adults to concentrate!
  • Sometimes I wish I had a professional organizer in my brain.
  • Traveling for work definitely has it perks.
  • I want to join Pinterest!  What's up with this being invited?  But I have to admit that it has a great marketing plan!
  • I miss the beach!
  • What does it take to become a vendor at this game?
  • God gives us witty inventions and new ideas, but it is up to us to pursue them!
  • I had a weird dream the other night...
  • I need to create a website for all of my businesses...
  • Yeah I want that one!
  • Can't wait for Disney! 
Carry on... I am tired of typing... My mind is still racing!

Until Next Time,


Adrienne said...

Would people think that I am a Holy Rolly if I did that?
Who cares? I will pray and see what the Holy Spirit is leading me to do...<<<---yep who cares! LOL

I've been craving Milos for TWO days lol

M'Shonta said...

I am looking for a reason to come to Birmingham to get some! LOL!

Are you coming to AAMU HC or Classic?

Hmmm. Classic... That may just do the trick!

Ethel Burnett said...

Mel you are awesome and funny at the same time. I've been scrolling and scrolling and scrolling :-)