Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Top It Off Tuesday!

Over the past few years; I have learned to never commitments in blogging... THE.HARD.WAY! LOL!  But today I am going to feature a post that I am dubbing as Top It Off Tuesday.  Wait!  Let me explain! I am not talking about a drink or latest stop at the gas station... But that one thing that "topped it all off for me!"  It may range from a centerpiece at an event or an eclectic pair of earrings on a stylish sister!  Get it? Got it?  Good!  LOL!

Months and months ago, I was planning a shower for a client who was having a baby girl.  Fun huh?  Well, here's the kicker!  She did not want any PINK!  NO Pink!  So I began to peruse the internet for inspiration.... Naturally, I started with PURPLE since it is my nextest favorite color to pink! And found this beautiful baby shower that was conceptualized by Corrie S at Teacups and Trucks.

And this is the image that "Topped It All Off" for me!  I thought that the cake was very original for a baby shower and it fwas a perfect for theme! 

What images have you seen that Topped it Off for You?  Please feel to leave a comment and a link!  I love to explore!

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