Monday, December 12, 2011

Our Thanksgiving Disney Adventure: Part One

Yes, Thanksgiving update and we are less than two weeks away from Christmas!  Life has been extremely busy for me.... Actually, it has been quite an adventure!  I will start from the beginning and bring you up-to-date...

Almost every Thanksgiving I take a trip with Mr. Falsetto's family!  This Thanksgiving...they chose to go Disney World and my oh my was I excited!  I had never been to Disney before and this for me... Well, it was a dream come true at almost 32! 

We left for Orlando on the Tuesday before Thanksgiving... I checked Mr. Falsetto and I in online and to my amazement, we were given the opportunity to upgrade to first class for less than $100 for the both of us!  Yes, that was only $10 more than the baggage fees... And once we upgraded, our bags were free!!!We were off to a good start!  My first trip to Disney, our first plane ride together and our first time flying first class!  God is good!

Side Story:  Okay, we had a little mishap on the way.... I bought a PINK track suit from Victoria Secret in Arkanas and I shipped it back to home because I wanted to take it with me on my trip.  Well, it was the morning of our flight and I still did not have it!  So I decided to be proactive and contacted FedEx.  The driver agreed to meet us at a gas station that was on our way to the airport!  Score!  We met him... I packed up my PINK outfit and we were on our way!  Mr. Falsetto was a little annoyed that I was making us late for an outfit and he wanted to make up the five minutes that we lossed by stopping at the gas station and he speeded up a little... It started to rain heavily and just as we topped the hill...the blue lights went off... Yes, we were stopped in the rain by the police...  We were praying that he was merciful... but the time kept ticking away...He was not merciful, but God is!  We still managed to get to the airport on time, board our flight and take our seats in first class together for the first time ever! 

We listened to music, ate snacks, laughed, talked and before we knew it we were in Orlando!   The sun was shining, the weather was beautiful and I was only days away from visting the happiest place on earth! 

Mr. Falsetto's mother purchased us a house in The Villas; so that is where we resided for the week!  It was gorgeous!  Here are a few shots of our arrival!

The home was beautiful and tastefully decorated... Here are a few shots from the home!  Mr. Falsetto's mother did an excellent job!  We were all so thankful!

We were all so full of excitement!  Excited to be there... Excited to see one another (Mr. Falsetto's sister and brother-in-law currently live in LA and they met us there).... and excited just see the glory of God manifest before our very eyes...

We took a few moments to wind down and unpack.... We managed to unpack, but we never winded down!  LOL! 

Up next, we found an awesome Thai restaurant to have dinner our first night in Orlando!

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