Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Our Disney Adventure: Part Two

Shhh!  It's no secret!  I love Thai Restaurants!!!  Prior to leaving for Orlando.... Mr. Falsetto's sister and I planned the events for our arrival night!  Thai Food it was!!!  So, the whole family packed up and headed to Thai Thani in Orlando!  It received raving reviews on trip advisor! 

We arrived at the restaurant in record time and proceeded to indulge in fun and laughter after we placed our orders!

Finally, our food was ready.... and we were ready for it!  It was delish! 

After we finished dinner, we walked around in the shopping center... It so was hot there!  They did manage to get a little snow though!  LOL!

As were neared, we realized that it was not make shift snow.at.all!  It was bubbles and they were having a blast!  We continued our journey and we saw Mr. and Mrs. Claus.... We also saw this huge Christmas tree!  A family of two was kind enough to take this group photo for us!

We completed our walk around the outdoor shopping center, visited a Wal-mart nearby to purchase snacks for the week and figured out how to avoid tolls on the way home!

Up next, a day of golf for the guys... outlet shopping for the girls and a 60th birthday celebration for one of the greatest men on earth!

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