Sunday, December 18, 2011

Our Disney Adventure: Part Three

I am a frequent traveler, but I must admit that this was one of my most exciting vacations ever!!!  While we were there Mr. Falsetto's father turned 60 and we celebrated his 60th birthday with a private birthday bash at a restaurant called Eleven in Orlando.

During the day the girls went out for a round of shopping while the guys enjoyed a round of golf.  We both enjoyed our day activities, but we could not wait to celebrate this awesome man of God.  He is a great husband, a loving father and great example of what every man should strive to be! 

We love to celebrate in this family... and we love to make it special.... this 60th birthday was no exception!  We had to make it exceptional!  So we made mad dash to a TJ Maxx nearby and purchased some pieces to set the atomsphere for this special celebration...

Here's the a photo of the tablescape that we created...  The cracked glass and candlelight made an excellent combination for the warmth that we wanted our space to exude...

He was so excited and suprised that we were able to create such a warm and special celebration even though we were miles and miles away from home!  Here are a few snapshot of us before we went into the restaurant....

The food was delish and the cake was delectable! 

Happy 60th birhday!!! You are the greatest!!!!!

Up next, our day adventure at Magic Kingdom!

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