Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The {Eyes} Had It

The make-up artist for the wedding was a long-time friend of mine. She is a MAC pro artist and has been working in the make-up industry for as long as I can remember. As you can see below my bf was already beautiful without the make-up, but once it was on.... PRICELESS!!!!

Sylvia working her gift:

Bringing it home:

The Grand Finale: I really think that this year's Holiday Barbie should look just like this...

Mother of the Bride (left). Doesn't she look dashing????

Mother of the groom (right). Isn't she stunning???

And the bridal party. I am on the left and her SIL is on the right...

Overall, we were really pleased with our make-up. We are currently on the prowl for another event so that we can have an excuse to look like this again....
The eyes truly had it!!!!

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