Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Put a Ring on It: The Bachelorette/ Lingerie Shower

We wanted to throw a bachelorette party/ lingerie shower like no other... We did not want a stripper (uuugh!!! I think that it is something VERY wrong with male strippers) and we definitely did not want any one selling pornographic items. We wanted it to be classy, fun, enlightning, and memorable. Simply put... we wanted the shower to be Tastefully Entertaining ( we will settle up on the plug later, lol).

The shower was held at a community cluhouse. It was recently renovated so we did not need a whole lot of decor. The colors were the ever so popular pink and black and to add to the theme all of the wedding party wore pick and black as well.

The theme of this shower was centered around Beyonce's hit single "Put a Ring on It." One of the hostesses is a choreographer and she put us together a really cute routine {see pics below}. We have a video, but I had problems trying to upload it...but I disgress...

Yeah, we put her in the front... LOL!

We did not want to do any of the traditional and boring "shower games" so we (dexim) things up a little. First off, on the invitations we asked the guest to give their lingerie a name. Once a name was chosen, it was written on two different cards that we provided. One of the cute little cards were placed with the garmet and the other was placed in a nice silk bag as a gift to the soon-to-be groom. On their honeymoon the groom could draw a name out of the bag and the bride would wear the lingerie that corresponded to that name. For example, I gifted her with a fun piece of lingerie that resembled a referee's attire. I named it {Time Out} and yes it came with a whistle!!!! (blowing whistle: flagrant file) LOL!

Another hostess for the wedding, just so happens to be a wonderful cook/caterer. So it just seemed fitting that she did a segment entitled, "An Appetite for Love" and enlightened us on the top foods that puts us in the mood. Among these were chocolate, bananas, almonds, and sour kraut. Yeah, that's right SOUR KRAUT!!!!! Okkkkay..... moving on......

To end the party, we formed a panty line using a panty poem that I found on the Internet. {I am sure that you all have seen that one before. If not just leave me a comment and I will be more happy to send it to you}.

Okay, this post has gotten long enough... Perhaps I should have broken it down a little more... But on second consideration... I am ready get on with the wedding recaps!!!


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