Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Wedding Wednesday 002- When Inspiration Comes to Life

It's wedding Wednesday!!! YAY!!!!

This week I will be sharing with you some photographs from a wedding that I coordinated and decorated on June 11th.  In our initial meeting the bride expressed to me that her #1 favorite color was yellow and so we went with yellow, black and white!  I immediately began to surf the internet for inspiration and here is what I found...

Yes! Yes! Yes!  Lots of yellow-yumminess! 

And here is what you get when inspiration comes to life!

The wedding turned out beautiful and the bride was glowing and gorgeous!  Oh how I love happy endings!!!!

S.N.- Have I mentioned how much I love the new blogger?  Whew hoooo!!!!  Four post in one day!  A new record for me!!!

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