Tuesday, June 2, 2009

My Christmas Closet

With the current economical times that we are facing; now is a great time for us to swarm the clearance racks and discount stores. This past weekend I started a little Christmas shopping
at the one and only Burke's Outlet. Here is the link: http://www.burkesoutlet.com/. This is one of my favorite stores because it does not matter the day of the week or the time of the year... you can always find a good deal... that is if you know {quality}.

Well, as fate would have it the dots rolled on last Wednesday, May 27th. {If you know what I mean by this statement you are an avid Burke's shopper and if not visit the website above}. So my goal was to find the items with the green dots because those items were 95% off. Here is the results of my finds:

Can you believe I got this for about $1.25?

Harvest perfume, Lotion and Bath Gel Gifts Sets

Coffee Mug, Address Book, Shopping Pad and Pen Gift Sets

Huggable, Lovable Bears...

Clothes, Clothes and More Clothes

More gift sets....

The grand total for all of the items seen above was less than $60.00. I am now preparing these gifts for my Christmas Closet.... I can't wait until I find my next best deal ever. Some say that I have a special gift or {anointing} on me to find such great deals... I say..........I dido this quote!

I take Him shopping with me. I say, "OK, Jesus, help me find a bargain." ~Tammy Faye Bakker


Kimberly said...
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Kimberly said...

Too funny! That's the "shopping maverick" I remember from college. I hope someone found my Christmas present in there...a Velour Jogging Suit,size medium! lol