Monday, June 8, 2009

With a Personal Touch...

One of my favorite hobbies is scrapbooking {just in case you did not know that already}. But it requires a lot of time... something that I have not had much of lately, lol. So in an effort not to abandon this gift, I try and incorporate it into whatever project or event that I am doing at that particular moment.

In this case I created a mini scrapbook for my bff. It contained pictures of all of her bridal showers. She was gifted with it on her wedding day.

Here is an upclose shot of it.....

She used their initials on all of their paper goods throughout the wedding; so I thought it would be neat to carry it over to the bridal shower scrapbook as well.

What is your favorite hobby or passion? How do you manage to incorporate it into your life even when the time does not permit? Do you feel that it gift giving is just a little bit more special when you add a personal touch?

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pamela said...

Cute album. Love the cover and the colors you used. Haven't seen you at Vickie's lately.. Miss you. I have a friend that's daughter is going to be in her first pagent and told her about you. But, I lost your card with your number on it.