Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Seven's Ark

On May 23rd, I gave one of the most creative showers that I have ever given... It was for baby Seven and the theme was Seven's Ark {Yes, I drew my inspiration from Noah's Ark, Genesis 7}.

The following photos are of the centerpieces that I created for the shower. His nursery colors were green and brown so I used brown and white striped ribbon and green and white polka dot ribbon to wrap around the vases. I had a different animal on each cylinder vase.

I really, really enjoyed this shower. The scriptural reference made it really unique. Here are a few other shots that I was able to capture prior to the shower taking place...

First off the petite fours.... We opted to these verses a cake because it is always so much cake left over. They were all that with a bootie on top {literally}!

Next, the game/door prizes... They included everything from body sprays to embellished candles by yours truly...

And finally, the welcome/sign in table {I did these in reveres order didn't I?} Oh, well..... Instead of a guest book we used a book entitled, "The Creation". How fitting??? Everyone loved that idea...

Have you ever used a biblical reference to carry out a theme for an event? What was that theme and how did you carry it out?

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