Sunday, August 11, 2013

An Eye for Entertaining

Planning events is fairly a newfound talent for me… However, my friends think differently.  After doing a few friend-a-views, I discovered that I apparently had a niche for planning and entertaining that dated back to my early high school years…  Perhaps it was the practicality that I saw in everything…or the fact that I leaned towards purchases that would serve a dual purpose…or maybe that I loved all things beautiful and believed that a Simple Sunday Dinner could be easily converted into a Stunning Sunday Soiree… I am not 100% sure of its origin, but like fashion, I believe that entertaining starts with an eye.

I love to plan and I love to entertain.  Nothing makes me happier than making someone else happy!  Over the past few years, I have planned numerous events… I have carried out countless themes… and I have delivered smiles to many faces… When I look back at some of my earlier events… I cringe!!!! Much like looking back at my 7th grade photo when I wore hunter green overalls, white Ked’s, a blue striped sweater, unkept bangs and unibrow!  Then I quickly remind myself that time has brought about tremendous growth and change.  How true!  This is also applicable in my event planning and entertaining!  Over time, I have been able to develop my personal style and to incorporate the trends of today’s top party planners…

I don’t have a desire to become a professional event planner nor do I have the desire to do a million parties for the general public… However, I do have a desire to celebrate those in my life first class!  I want to make birthdays, baby showers, anniversaries, retirements, holidays and etcetera a big deal because they are!  Celebrating monumental moments in life are a big deal!  Oprah Winfrey said it best, "The more you praise and celebrate your life; the more there is in life to celebrate."   

I recently styled and planned a baby shower for a church member and dear family friend… The theme started with a cute stuffed bumble bee that I found on clearance in Hobby Lobby for less than $3.  The wheels immediately started turning and I immediately started scouring my home, the stores and the internet for inspiration.  Many of the items that I used to style this {bee} themed shower was already in my possession... I set a very small budget and found some really cute pieces that aided in tying the theme together.  All in all I was in love with the outcome… People are still {buzzing} about the shower… The mother-to-{bee} is still glowing… And the love and compassion that was poured out during our time of fellowship is still {flowing} like {honey}…

It’s true… Beauty is in the eye of the {bee}holder… We, who are blessed to possess the {eye}, are responsible for sharing the beauty that we see {in fashion, art, makeup, music and even event planning} with others..

Do you have an {eye}?  How are you showcasing the beauty that you are blessed to {bee}hold?

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