Wednesday, August 14, 2013

My 30 Day Journey to Physical, Mental and Spiritual Fitness: Day 1

It all started with a photo that was taken at a wedding over the weekend.  There is nothing like a real look at reality… How did I let this happen?  How did I get so out of shape?

A million thoughts thundered through my mind…but only one stuck.  You have got to whip yourself back into shape…
So I am starting today… I don’t like where I am mentally, physically or spiritually. Mentally, I have consumed myself and my time with too many things… My plate is heaping with helpings and I have to learn how to serve up delegating tasks.   Physically, I have become inactive.  Once the wedding was over and my goal was reached… I have just been basking in happiness… I have to get back active and vow to stay the woman that my husband promised to spend forever with…

I understand that weight fluctuates… However, my dedication to staying fit and healthy should not.  I want to have a healthy family and I must commit to doing so today.  Spiritually- I am just not where I used to be… Yes, I still pray and read my word faithfully every morning, but I desire that intimate relationship with God.  I love being in His presence and hearing His still soft voice.  There is nothing like parking in the peace of God.
The reasons listed above gives a high level view as to why I am beginning this 30 Day Journey to Physical, Mental and Spiritual Fitness.  This will take discipline, hard work, dedication and determination.  I am all in.  I want to change more than I want to stay the same… I don’t desire to go “back” to where I used to be, but I’d rather journey to somewhere I have “never been before.” A place where my spirit, mind and body are all in agreement and living out God’s perfect will for my life….

My spiritual mother teaches that we are three part being: mind, body and spirit.  So each day I will share the tools that I am using to motivate my mind, body and spirit to achieve my ultimate goal of being fit in every area of my life.

It is my hope that sharing this will be useful to someone, somewhere who desires change… Be blessed and follow me on this journey!

Starting Weight: My starting weight is 141.6 {the heaviest I have ever been}! Going forward, I will update my weight loss on Saturday Morning.  My ultimate goal is to get back down in the 125-128 range and to continue to live a healthy lifestyle.

For the Mind: Today you will only do that which you can do… The rest will remain until you arise tomorrow.

For the Body:  Drink 8 bottles of water. Walk 5 miles. Don’t eat after 6.

For the Spirit: The race is not to the swift or the battle to the strong, but to he that endures until the end.

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