Thursday, January 1, 2009

30 Things to Do Before I am 30

1. Continue to grow spiritually and develop an intimate relationship with God.
2. Finish reading the bible (I am 1/2 way there).
3. Walk into my destiny and live out God's perfect will for my life.
4. To be physically, financially, and emotionally fit.
5. Publish my book, "Down Manningham Road," and make it into a movie.
6. To travel abroad (I have already purchased a cute case for my passport).
7. Get on television for doing something positive.
8. Introduce someone to God.
9. Meet Maya Angelou and Oprah.
10. Use current scrapbooking products to make beautiful memories for others.
11. Compile pageant notebook for "crown chasers."
12. To own land and real estate.
13. Experience debt freedom!
14. Own a luxzury car without a car note!
15. Create new and witty inventions!
16. Assist others in reaching their destiny.
17. Simplify more!
18. Plan the wedding of my dreams to Mr.
19. Drive with no destination.
20. Go to Disney World.
21. Make a positive lasting impact on the world.
22. To do something great for my mother.
23. Introduce my family to something different.
24. Pull out every talent that lies within me and use it.
25. To love everyone with the love of God.
26. Spend two weeks at a tropical location.
27. Learn a second language.
28. Kick my bad habits.
29. Read more for business and pleasure.
30. Take dancing, acting, and more business related classes.

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