Friday, January 30, 2009

The Creation Station

Today, I will attempt to catch an earlier flight back home so that I can make it home in time to attend a bi-weekly crop at my LSS... I am sick of the ice and snow here in Virginia... Living in this area is sooo {not for me}. I am a true southern belle...

I really, really want a scrapbook room. I mean I have one, but I want an official one complete with all the bells and whistles. I think that I will add this one to my list of 30 things that I want to do before I am 30, but with a few stipulations though.... {Wait... would that make it 31 things?} LOL!!!

1. The room must be cost efficient--- We are in a recession and I do not
necessarily want to break the bank on a {scrapbook room}. As bad as I
need one!
2. All the furniture must be white... Don't ask me why... I just want it that
3. I must complete the project by the end of 2009.

I will keep you posted on this project as I transform my current creative corner into a regal scrapbooking room. Here my inspiration:

I like the way that she used patterned paper to line the drawers in the plastic containers. I think that it was a very cost effective way to carry out her theme throughout the room.

The color combo of this scrap space speaks creativity...

The following scrapbook rooms were found on the Michael's website. The first one is the U-shaped room. I really like the idea of the U-shaped working area, but I am not completely sold on everything else...

I really like this large craft room... Maybe with a U-shaped desk... Ummm, that's an idea.

Here are a few others...

I will continue to keep my eyes and my mind open for other sources of inspiration.

Have a great weekend and do something cr8tive!!!!

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