Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Love Notes

Last year I ran across these in the Dollar Spot at Target for $1 and {oh} I fell in love at first sight. They are too cute! I managed to get a pink and a silver one this year. For those of you who are 2009 brides and you are wondering how in the world these little cuties tie into your wedding plans.... Well, let's say that these {cuties} will keep love in the air all year long... LOL! You can use these to leave each other little {love} notes and gifts whenever you feel the need. When you are done just raise the arm to let your {sweetie} know that he has mail!!!

I created two of these last year for Mr. F-A-B-U-L-U-O-S and I. I will post pics later. Until then... enjoy!

{source: kpaisley1 at http://coordinatescollections.com}

{source: http://www.scraplovers.com/}

{source: http://www.scraplovers.com/}

{source: http://www.scraplovers.com/}

{source: www.stamptalk.wordpress.com}

ETA: These are very, very easy to make... They take about 20-30 minutes or less depending on how fancy you want to get... Please email me if you would like a step by step tutorial.

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Mrs. King said...

I just love this idea! I've been trying to imagined what they looked like after we talked. I will call you to get tips once I find some mail boxes. This is is a great orginial and useful idea.